Could rubber from dandelions make tires more sustainable? | Global Ideas | DW | 10.03.2021

In 1931, Soviet scientists were on the hunt for a natural source of rubber that would help the USSR become self-sufficient in key materials.  They scoured the vast and various territories of the Soviet Union and tested over 1,000 different species looking for an alternative to the South American rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensi. Eventually, on the steppes of Kazakhstan, they found one.   By 1941, the Russian dandelion, Taraxacum koksaghyz, supplied 30% of the USSR’s rubber.

My Virtuoso Profile – “A Travel Advisor on Why Sustainable Tourism Matters” – LIVE YOUR LUSH LIFE – TRAVEL!

My Virtuoso Profile – “A Travel Advisor on Why Sustainable Tourism Matters” Expert insight on how to travel with a purpose. “Instead of Fly and Flop, my travel mantra is Stop and Sop,” says Virtuoso advisor Sheila Gallant-Halloran. “Sop up the culture and experience, immersing yourself wherever you are.”   Gallant-Halloran, a travel advisor for 12 years, has long championed sustainable tourism, and feels strongly that we can have a trip of a lifetime while also making a positive impact on the local communities and places.

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority Announces Half A Billion Dirham Investment Plan To Develop Sustainable Tourism Projects In The Emirate

Announced at Arabian Travel Market 2021, the Authority highlights over 20 projects across the destination including Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest peak, from the Basecamp Jais and Jais Wings Paragliding to a fixed Hot Air Balloon viewing platform, Earth Hotels Altitude and more  
Investment will also support retail, hospitality and cultural projects such as a mega beach-front development by Marjan, new world-class hotels, a scallop farm and an aerial art installation – the Flying Arch

How ‘sustainable’ is California’s groundwater sustainability act? — High Country News – Know the West

Beneath the almond and citrus fields of the San Joaquin Valley lies an enormous system of aquifers that feeds some of the world’s most productive farmland. Hundreds of miles north and east, along the Nevada border, is the Surprise Valley, a remote, high-desert region undergirded by cone-shaped hollows of sediment that hold deposits of water. 

Circle Lab, biggest global open access innovation platform for the circular economy, launches 1.000 new case studies – Circle Economy

After a successful launch in March 2018, Circle Lab introduces a new product feature today: the world’s biggest circular economy database, openly accessible and searchable for everyone. This is the result of a joint effort with many partners, geared towards making the best knowledge on the circular economy available to the public globally. The goal? To encourage anyone who wants to support the transition towards a circular economy to contribute their know-how to an ever-growing knowledge base.

The power of megatrends

It is said that underpinning all movies in history there are ultimately only 36 formulae to tell a story, be they arthouse productions or action-packed blockbusters. In the same vein, in our recent book, Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using DRIVE to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends, we investigated some of the megatrends that are potentially fundamental in many events and issues currently observed in the world – much like the underlying narratives that serve as the backbones of movies.

News – Award-winning livestock sustainability consultant and animal scientist named as ABP Chair in Sustainable Beef Production

An award-winning livestock sustainability consultant and animal scientist has begun a new role – as Harper Adams University’s ABP Chair in Sustainable Beef Production.
Professor Jude Capper’s new role will see her working with both Harper Adams University – where she completed both her undergraduate degree in Agriculture with Animal Science and her PhD – and with ABP, one of the leading firms working in the meat and agri-food sectors in the British Isles.

SELECT pledges to work with new MSPs on sustainable construction future

Construction trade association SELECT has welcomed the new intake of MSPs to the Scottish Parliament and pledged to continue working closely with politicians of all parties to help the country recover and rebuild.
Alan Wilson
The campaigning organisation said that, as one of the country’s biggest employers, the construction industry has a key role to play as Scotland continues to navigate the post-pandemic landscape and create a more sustainable and inclusive sector.

Affordable and Clean Energy | AstenJohnson Sustainability Report

< All Initiatives Affordable and Clean Energy LED Lighting AstenJohnson is working to replace all the lights in our plants with LED lights. This will result in 2/3 of electricity savings compared to the original lights. Clinton, SC Project Start: 2017 Project Completion: 2019 Results Energy savings of approximately 194,000 kWh per year. 440 lights replaced “The LED light bulb replacement project is certainly the largest project I have completed at Eagle so far. Moving to LEDs had a huge $25,000 cash incentive from our electric company and the estimated savings of $45,000/year really made it a no-brainer.” Dominic Angelo Badalmenti, Product Engineer at Eagle Nonwovens Solar Panels eupen, belgium In addition to the replacement of old light with LED lights, AstenJohnson Eupen installed solar panels on site in 2017. This initiative enabled AstenJohnson to increase the portion of green energy of total energy consumption. The panels installed can produce...

U.S. brings back climate change website detailing ongoing threats | Science-Environment

fter years of delays during the Trump administration, the EPA released its new climate indicators, which show Americans are already feeling effects on their health and safety.
Heat waves across the country are more frequent, more intense, and last longer. Wildfires are burning more land. The East and Gulf Coasts are flooding more often, while ice sheets are disappearing and sea levels are rising.

NETL Project Review Sessions Highlight Innovations for a Sustainable Energy Future

NETL’s 2021 Crosscutting Research and Advanced Energy Systems Project Review Meeting continues through May with seven days of presentations showcasing innovations to enhance the efficiency and reliability of electricity production and increase domestic supplies of rare earth elements (REEs).  During more than 80 virtual sessions between May 17 and May 26, 2021, engineers and scientists working on NETL-supported projects will also discuss research driving technologies to lower water use in energy production and advancing the use of sensors and controls to gain pivotal insights into optimizing power plant performance.  Additional sessions will explore projects devoted to simulation-based engineering to improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Safeguarding Free-Flowing Rivers: The Global Extent of Free-Flowing Rivers in Protected Areas

Approximately one-third of long rivers remain free-flowing, and rivers face a range of ongoing and future threats. In response, there is a heightened call for actions to reverse the freshwater biodiversity crisis, including through formal global targets for protection. The Aichi Biodiversity Targets called for the protection of 17% of inland water areas by 2020. Here, we examine the levels and spatial patterns of protection for a specific type of inland water area—rivers designated as free-flowing. Out of a global total of 11.7 million kilometers of rivers, 1.9 million kilometers (16%) are within protected areas and 10.1 million kilometers are classified as free-flowing, with 1.7 million kilometers of the free-flowing kilometers (17%) within protected areas.

Sustainable Bitcoin Standard

From the earliest days of Bitcoin, the famed cryptographer and computer scientist Hal Finney, a pioneer of early Bitcoin development and a close collaborator of Satoshi, tweeted his concerns about the long term CO2 emissions from widespread bitcoin implementation.
As Bitcoin adoption accelerates, the energy required to power the network has exponentially accelerated. In turn, the carbon footprint of Bitcoin is contributing to climate change, leading to an increasingly negative perception from media, society, and governments.

System Overview > Lighting – GSA Sustainable Facilites Tool

Lighting accounts for nearly 20% of the total electricity costs of commercial buildings in the United States.1 Effective lighting systems involve the integration of lighting technologies with the building as a whole – across the lifecycle of a building. Green technologies and design strategies are more conducive to energy and financial savings, and improved human health, productivity, and satisfaction.

Atlanta startup GreenPrint expands sustainability consulting

CEO Pete Davis built environmental technology startup GreenPrint with a keen eye for payments and financial transactions.  
The Emory University graduate started his career in Atlanta’s bustling financial services sector before choosing a desk at the Atlanta Tech Village to start GreenPrint in 2014.  
GreenPrint calculates the environmental footprint of client operations and provides a list of suggestions on how the company could be more sustainable in terms of carbon emissions, water usage, plastic waste and renewable energy. Davis says GreenPrint collects environmental data and analyzes goals similar to how a financial company may approach transactions and balance sheets.