June 7, 2019

EIT at World Circular Economy Forum 2019

EIT Climate-KIC is playing a prominent role at the third World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Helsinki, 3-5 June 2019. WCEF 2019 will highlight the world’s best circular economy solutions for governments, industries, businesses and households.

Kids Seed Co. promotes generational sustainability

A few summers ago, Laszlo told his parents, Thomas Stern and Laura Gazzano, that he wanted to set up a stand to sell cucumbers in their driveway. Now 8 years old, Lazlo and his two younger sisters, Mina and Csilla, play a central role in the family business, an online seed store that launched on…

Rethinking Sustainability Reporting

There is no doubt that we have all spent a lot of time thinking about the best ways to track information and pull together sustainability reports. But when it comes down to it, is the end result actually helping anyone?

Leaders in Sustainability Highlighted in Newly Declared Tetiaroa Atoll Hope Spot

Tetiaroa Atoll is a rare, secluded place that serves as a refuge for nesting green sea turtles and a variety of seabird species, surrounded by a healthy and ecologically important coral reef and a brilliant turquoise lagoon. Unfortunately, like other atolls around the globe, Tetiaroa and the coral reefs that support it are at serious risk due to the negative effects of climate change and resource misuse– but there is hope. hat we are achieving this goal.”