September 2019

Bacardi celebrates its sustainability winners

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, Bermudian-headquartered Bacardi Limited has announced the recipients of its fifth annual Bacardi Limited Good Spirited Awards, launched in 2014.The awards recognise the employees, teams and facilities across the company’s global network that developed…

Can we embed sustainability in food and drink?

In the sustainability sector, myriad NGOs, companies and governments painstakingly fret over consumers. How can we ensure sustainable products have shelf space in supermarkets? Will consumers buy them? Will they pay more? If this sounds a tad dramatic, consider this: in 2015, 150 world leaders adopted “sustainable production and consumption” as one of 12 sustainability mega-goals for 2030. Sustainable production & consumption is high on the agenda; change is afoot, like it or not. 

Four Ways to Stay Focused as a Sustainability Consultant

Enjoy this post from the SSC Archives. As independent consultants, time management is imperative to juggle multiple clients and meet deadlines.Whether you’re just starting out or 10-years in , it’s always a good idea to assess your daily work habits to ensure you’re getting the most out of your…