December 2019

New Zealand Fashion Week: A Focus On Sustainability

New Zealand Fashion Week, that is a wrap! When I think of New Zealand fashion designers, first that pops to mind is Karen Walker. Quirky. Colorful. Elegant. There’s something fascinating about visiting a new country and discovering new designer labels to love. And I travel far and wide to do so: Tel Aviv, Casablanca, and even Seoul! I’m proud to add New Zealand to my list of expanding fashion weeks around the globe.

Evonik helps lay the foundations for IPC sustainability push

Evonik is an associate member of the IPC and played a key role in convincing the organisation of the major impact poultry nutrition can have on the environment. It also helped to link the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the three-pillar sustainability model (environmental, economic and socio-ethical) promoted by the IPC, and to identify the SDGs which are supported most by the poultry industry.