January 20, 2020

Luxury Daily

British luxury lobby Walpole inaugurated the first phase of its go-green manifesto with commitments from more than 100 member brands to support the initiative and prioritize sustainability in their companies.

Renewable gas to foster transport decarbonisation

With the EU Green Deal in place, the role of natural and renewable gases for transport decarbonisation must be recognized. Gas in transport is ready to complement a set of solutions that will gradually change our way to move and to transport freights around the world.

Imagine Instead of Disposing of Raw Materials You Will Be Able To Recapture

This week we are going to be sharing with you expert visions outlined in the Connected Products Economy Report. From Natasha Franck to Mats Linder Consultant, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we take a closer look at their key message which focuses on how we can power circular business models, global transparency and new economic incentives to change patterns of production and consumption.