The sustainable packaging landscape: A decade in review

This year marks the end of an incredibly eventful decade on so many levels.Thought-leader Nina Goodrich breaks down the sustainability advancements and challenges packaging professionals have experienced in the last decade, year by year. The world of sustainable packaging has definitely changed over…

Luxury Daily

Online retailer Net-A-Porter has expanded its Net Sustain program to 100 brands including 27 beauty and 45 new fashion labels as it makes a serious push toward sustainable offerings.

How To Embed Circular Economy Principles in Connected Products

This week we are going to be sharing with you expert visions outlined in the Connected Products Economy Report. From Natasha Franck to Mats Linder Consultant, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we take a closer look at their key message which focuses on how we can power circular business models, global transparency and new economic incentives to change patterns of production and consumption.