January 27, 2020

Merck Foundation partners with African Leaders in Sustainable Art and Interiors as part of its Sustainability Initiative – AfricanBrains

The Merck Foundation sustainability initiative plans to focus on capacity building and raising awareness in order to accelerate sustainable solutions to urban sustainability challenges. Merck Foundation Sustainability Initiative dubbed “Sustainability is a Shared Responsibility” is as a critical part of The Merck Foundation Program to address sustainability challenges in the countries of the global south and to empower youth and support their development to make the Sustainability Leaders of tomorrow.

Sustainable and Timeless Top Trends

As the new decade begins, new design trends are among us. The team at Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects (NMDA) shared some forecasts with InspireDesign about what’s ahead. Nunzio DeSantis, CEO/founder; Marc DeSantis, partner and Daniel Sacco, VP have some insight: Both hotel programming and design…