May 29, 2020

The new normal: sustainable leadership lessons from lockdown

The new normal: sustainable leadership lessons from lockdown’
Tuesday 26th May 2020 at 6pm (BST)
During this pandemic great leadership has been exemplified at all levels. This webinar focuses on the lessons learned and how we can take these forward to enhance our clinical practice.
Hear from national experts including: Professor Michael West, Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology, Lancaster University Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer Horizons Group, NHS England Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Scottish Government

Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Company Global Directory How to search for impact-driven brands?Click the filter button on the top left of the table Choose your search criteria by clicking add filter and selecting from the list: Brand Name, City, Website, Industry or Keywords Add multiple filters e.g. City:Barcelona…

Net zero and sustainability in a post-COVID world

‘Navigating turbulent times’, where we delve into today’s greatest challenges, tackle your questions and concerns, and help our profession navigate through these stormy waters. ‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode four: ‘Net zero and sustainability in a post-COVID world’ Join IWFM and our International SIG live at 12pm, Wednesday 13 May, for the next episode of ‘Navigating turbulent times’ as our expert panel discusses ‘Net zero and sustainability in a post-COVID world’ and answers your sustainability-related questions.

Sustainable Agriculture Network

Impact delivering SAN proposes the design of “pollinator friendly” management plans, including practices that: Reduce ecosystem degradation, pollution, destruction or fragmentation. Avoid the potential negative effects of agriculture and livestock-related activities on local wildlife. Prioritize the use of integrated pest management approaches as a way to protect crop health and reduce the toxic footprint of agrochemicals.

Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Management Strategies to Improve the Economics of Sheep Farms in Norwegian Coastal and Fjord Areas—The Effect of Animal Size and Capacities for Rangeland Utilisation

The morphological and productive aspects of Norwegian sheep have developed over time and adapted to the diverse environment of the country. Before 1900, native Norwegian sheep were crossed with UK breeds to attain higher body weight and reproductive efficiency.

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