Setting a course for more sustainable shipping

The shipping industry is used to dealing with constant change, from shifting socio-economic conditions to extreme weather. But now it faces its biggest challenge yet: becoming more sustainable. Maritime transport is already responsible for approximately 2.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – and to avoid this increasing even further, the industry must take drastic steps to transform its operations. Shipping companies are already turning to cleaner fuel types or installing new equipment.

Exoplanet Close To Size Of Earth Could Sustain Life In Future – All Tech Step

Scientists have been trying to discover a habitable planet out in the galaxy since forever. There have been multiple expeditions carried out to search for an Earth-like planet that could sustain human life. And it seems like there has been a breakthrough in this search. A new planetary object called Proxima b has been located which is said to be of the same size as Earth. The Proxima b has been discovered by ESPRESSO which is a Swiss-manufactures spectrograph.

Cambridge Trust – Sustainable Investing: The Importance of Governance

The economic shock that accompanied the sudden onset of the global COVID-19 crisis caught many companies (and industries) off-guard. While some corporations haphazardly scrambled to ensure their financial viability in the face of the chaos, others were better prepared to absorb the direct hit to their business that the pandemic is delivering. Companies that have taken a holistic approach to understanding and managing enterprise risk embody a corporate culture rooted in strong governance.