Climate change and sustainability in primary and intermediate schools report | New Zealand Council for Educational Research

How does climate change and sustainability feature in primary and intermediate school classrooms and whole-school practices? We asked teachers and principals a few questions about climate change and sustainability as part of the 2019 NZCER national survey of English-medium primary and intermediate schools. Findings include: Many principals and teachers think climate change will have moderate to major impacts in their students’ lifetimes. Half of the principals said their school supports students who choose to take part in climate action such as school strikes. 

Sustainable Text –

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Netherlands- Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative

The Dutch economy can adopt the following interventions within four key sectors to deliver impactful circular change: Advanced construction practices Limit, or even stop the demolition of buildings and ensure that building methods revolve around the renovation and reuse of materials. Circular agriculture and food system Implement agricultural practices that prioritise waste reuse and local production and trade, such as stopping the import of animal feed and export of animal products. Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable sources Increase the share of renewable energy used to power the country and axe fossil fuel use. Repair, remanufacturing and high-value recycling Double the current material use of the repair sector, as well as the amount of high-value recycling and the share of recycled materials in imports.

Sustainable Urban Development

This MOOC is all about this integration of different fields of knowledge within the metropolitan context. The most relevant challenges that metropolitan regions are facing and how you can respond to these challenges.

Australian Ethical Sustainability Report 2019

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