Agriculture for Sustainable Development, MSc | Postgraduate prospectus

This course is for graduates and professionals looking for greater knowledge and expertise in sustainable agricultural development. You’ll gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of crop production, such as adaptation to climate and other environmental changes. You then explore how this expertise can help to design effective food production systems without placing unsustainable demands on the environment. The emphasis is on agriculture in tropical or developing countries, but the approaches can be used globally.

Sustainability —

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING Education is at the core of our mission. Our hope is that our programming revolving sustainability topics inspires innovative solutions and consciousness of our environment to the many creative minds that enter our museum/garden/institution/organization resulting in the creation of a better community. Our internal Green Team represents multiple departments who convene to discuss and implement green initiatives in operations and programming.  The 2018 Cherry Blossom Festival marked our first collaboration that consisted of creating proper signage for festival attendees and waste management and diversion. Having a Green Team available during the Cherry Blossom Festival allowed for a benchmark to be created which in turn, can act as a reference to see what additional steps can be taken by JFG and its vendors to help make these types of events more sustainable.