The Beauty of Sustainable Sourcing | Weleda UK

The beauty of sustainable sourcing A film by Cosmetics Europe and BBC Storyworks as part of the new series “Essentials for Daily Life”. ‘Essentials for Daily Life’ is a series of films offering a behind-the-scenes look at the dynamic, innovative and progressive cosmetics and personal care sector, exploring what the sector is doing to enhance people’s lives, support the planet and improve products. At Weleda, our sustainability commitment goes beyond sourcing organic raw materials. 

Good Food Businesses: rebuilding, reopening and retaining new customers | Sustain

A webinar organised by Sustainable Food Places and Sustain, with the Real Bread Campaign and London Food Link. Good Food Businesses have shown their ability to adapt during the Covid-19 lockdown by swiftly establishing new and different ways to continue to supply food to their local areas.  Now that lockdown is starting to lift and we begin to shift to a ‘new normal’, this webinar will showcase several Good Food organisations who are finding innovative ways to re open right, build back better, retain new customers and the maintain the revived interest in local, and better, food.

Nestlé’s Sustainability Secret: Prioritize Packaging Design with a Consumer-Obsessed Mindset

It’s only in the last couple decades that packaging has been getting appropriate attention from corporate executives at major consumer packaged goods companies. Yet, brand marketers still mostly focus on product development first, and bring in the packaging folks later. But at least one consumer packaged goods (CPG) leader is rethinking that strategy from a sustainability point of view.  An upcoming Packaging Digest webinar will put sustainable packaging innovations and successes at Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, in the spotlight. 

Sustainable Summer Ideas Lab —

Passionate about environmental policy issues? Spend this summer with Whittle School & Studios learning about environmental sustainability and public policy at our Sustainable Summer Ideas Lab (SSIL). Students will study the mechanisms government has to impact the environment and how that relates and sometimes conflicts with a market economy.