September 6, 2020

Meet Jamie – Sound and Sustainability Champion

Hi Jamie, thanks for your time! What do you do? I’ve been a Senior Technician at the Howard Assembly Room, a music venue in Leeds, since 2015, working for the Opera North Company. We have all sorts of musical acts – Folk, World Music, Classical, Classical Indian Music – all kinds of stuff! 

Sustainable September Quiz

One of the single most impactful things we can do to reduce #globalemissions is shift toward a plant-based diet.How much do you really know about the environmental impacts of food production? Take the quiz to test your knowledge.

Schneider Electric shared the numbers behind its efforts to increase its sustainability in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Schneider Electric has shared the numbers behind its efforts to increase its sustainability in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Each quarter, Schneider Electric publishes 21 indicators from its Schneider Sustainability Impact, which measures progress towards the company’s sustainability commitments from the period 2018-2020.

Sustainability Report

As society wrestles with a global pandemic that is having profound impacts, we must stay focused on two long term imperatives: accelerating the climate transition and driving inclusive economic growth. The business case for addressing these themes has never been stronger. It’s why we’ve made a clear commitment to deploy $750 billion in sustainable financing, investing and advisory activity by 2030.

Meat, and particularly beef, has been in the spotlight recently for its contribution to global warming

It’s a fact that methane is a greenhouse gas. But, unlike carbon dioxide which once produced, stays in the atmosphere forever, methane breaks down after around ten years. Levels of methane emissions are comparatively low in the UK with livestock production responsible for 5.7% of the total greenhouse gas emissions . This is much lower than the average global figure of 14% that most often gets quoted in the media but which includes environmentally un-friendly farming systems in countries like Brazil.

V World Blog Eco-Fashion: When Style And Sustainability Meet

When Style And Sustainability Meet With society becoming increasingly conscious of its responsibility to care for the environment, the eco-friendly movement is finding its way to all aspects of modern life—including fashion trends.  Indeed, sustainable fashion is on the rise, as environmentally friendly companies in the fashion industry are incorporating sustainable and recyclable materials into a wide assortment of garments.