September 7, 2020

Conscious, ethical and cruelty-free: a guide to the language of sustainable fashion

Lately, shoppers have been faced with more decisions than ever when it comes to clothing and where to buy from, but one of the biggest dilemmas comes from confusion around the language of sustainability. Of course, the information on the label can sometimes be confusing and misleading, and there’s a lot of new language to get your head around. So, here’s a handy guide to help you figure out the difference between ethical and sustainable, and why you absolutely should ask for both from all your fashion purchases.

Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre | Swinburne

The state-of-the-art Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) is a joint initiative between Swinburne and local secondary schools.  Their goal is simple: to inspire and empower students with the skills and knowledge they need for their future careers.  The facility provides hands-on learning experiences for secondary school students and professional development sessions for teachers.

Sustainable Row| Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

The Bristol Gulls is a team of four women taking on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2020, the world’s toughest rowing race, to raise awareness of ocean pollution and drowning prevention. Lorna, Phoebe, Sarah and Sofia aim to be the first team to complete the race in a boat made in an environmentally-friendly way.