September 8, 2020

Sustainable Living at Bushmead

An environmentally sustainable community, near Hazelmere, 16 kilometres from Perth’s CBD, Bushmead is perfect for those longing for a tree change but still within reach of life’s modern conveniences.  Designed with sustainable living in mind, Bushmead comprises a selection of carefully-designed bush front blocks to build the home of your dreams, surrounded by 185 hectares of retained bushland, parks and recreational reserves.

Why you need to care about the future of sustainability – regardless of your curriculum

Whether your dream is to run a glitzy mega-resort, like the $5 billion Heart of Europe property in Dubai due to accommodate 16,000 tourists, or the Pikaia Lodge carbon-neutral property in Ecuador that relies on alternative energy sources with an outstanding social responsibility program, or a chain brand in a European capital city – you’ll need to know about sustainability. Why?

Ancient crops may hold the key to sustainable farming, improving soil health – Nexus Newsfeed

The impact of plant breeding and modern agricultural practices is reflected in soil health – and it isn’t looking good. In fact, scientists fear that an underground crisis threatens to undermine food production in the near future.  Jos Raaijmakers, a microbiologist from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology suggests that the solution to this looming food and agricultural crisis can be gleaned from understanding ancient plant traits that had been lost through millennia of breeding.

Sustainability Saturday: Land Stewardship on a Washington Island

Lopez Island Farm Education (LIFE) encourages K-12 students to learn appreciation for nature, nutrition, community, land stewardship and the environment. Students engage in experiential learning to gain knowledge in geography, history, literature, math, social studies, and music, using food as a unifying principle. The students gain experiential learning through the various gardens, orchards, and hoop houses on campus and use the food they have grown to prepare meals for the school cafeteria through culinary arts classes.