November 5, 2020

Netherlands- Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative

The Dutch economy can adopt the following interventions within four key sectors to deliver impactful circular change: Advanced construction practices Limit, or even stop the demolition of buildings and ensure that building methods revolve around the renovation and reuse of materials. Circular agriculture and food system Implement agricultural practices that prioritise waste reuse and local production and trade, such as stopping the import of animal feed and export of animal products. Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable sources Increase the share of renewable energy used to power the country and axe fossil fuel use. Repair, remanufacturing and high-value recycling Double the current material use of the repair sector, as well as the amount of high-value recycling and the share of recycled materials in imports.

YoKo Village | The future of the sustainable co-working communities

Welcome to YokoVillage yoko = sunshine child About “Work From Home” (WFH) is a noticeable movement quickly affecting real estate markets as cities’ stress and negativity levels arise, doers and makers are seeking a plan B. We all want to lead a healthy balanced life, connect to nature, have time to spend with our friends, families and grow spiritually. Why Costa Rica? Why Santa Teresa Why This Specific Land? Project Village Community A semi intentional community Members of Yoko Village purchase direct and private ownership of a “turn-key” designed villas with different models to choose from. Yoko Village allows members to be in a secluded natural paradise while still being connected. Aimed at a mix of families and single founders, creators, artists and remote corporate workers, Yoko Village allows members to enjoy the healthiest and most effective worklife balance. Yoko Village is a “semi intentional community” This means that there is no leader or guru, but a democratic management that aims to keep the highest levels of comfort and freedom for its habitats. Owners can decide to volunteer and help the community, and/or pay for existing services instead.Members can have the choice of dining together or at their home. Yoko Village values • Freedom • Eco-friendly • Wellness • PermCulture/Organic farming • Balance • Giving • Creation • Socialness • Creativity What’s inside Yoko Village Yoko Village is a gated community consisting of: • 45 villas (1 and 2 bedrooms) • Co-work center • Spiritual center and temple for meditation • Large communal Yoga Deck • Large natural pool • Communal kitchen and dining facilities • Communal restaurant • Organic farm, plantation &, gardens Press {The mindset of putting lifestyle planning first is poised to become a highly disruptive force in the entrepreneurial world. This became especially clear during a…