December 2020

Not a cause for celebration, though…  “ADA Website “Tester’s” Lawsuit Dismissed – Again”

From the article: “Whether or not testers have standing to sue hotels for not complying with ADA standards on their websites, hoteliers still have to deal with the headache and expense required to respond to these lawsuits. The best course of action is to update your websites to comply with the ADA and make sure OTAs that present your properties on their sites do the same.”

New CEU Explores Materiality, Sustainability of Resilient Flooring

Guest Jane Rohde talks about her new CEU on resilient flooring with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute available here on our site. Get a crash course on some of the material covered in this distance learning opportunity and learn some of the in’s and out’s about the materiality, sustainability and performance of resilient floorcoverings.

World Bank, GoI ink pact for USD 500-mn project to develop green, safe highway corridors | Business

The highway corridors will be developed in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.The Government of India and the World Bank today on Tuesday signed a USD 500-million project to build safe and green national highway corridors in the states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways MoRTH said in a statement.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainability presents a considerable opportunity for the Swiss financial centre. The government primarily acts as a facilitator in this context, cultivating an intensive dialogue with the financial industry and supporting the creation of an optimal regulatory framework.  The competitiveness of Switzerland’s financial centre must be supported, but at the same time, steps need to be taken towards greater sustainability. Financial markets that want to remain successful must be stable and trustworthy.

Nature’s Logic Becomes First Pet Food Company to Join American Sustainable Business Council

Nature’s Logic™, the pioneer creators of 100% natural pet food with NO synthetic vitamins, has become the first pet food company to join the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), the leading business organization advancing the power of business for a just and sustainable world.  Nature’s Logic is the first pet food company to join American 
Sustainable Business Council and its networking organization Social Venture Circle.  Sustainability is not only a tenet of Nature’s Logic mission, but a key factor in the company’s growth.

Schneider Electric finalizes the acquisition of 25% of the capital of Planon Beheer BV

Following the announcement on November 16, 2020, Schneider Electric announced that it has successfully completed the strategic minority investment in Planon Beheer BV, a leader in building and work environment management software. Schneider Electric now owns 25% of Planon and the investment will be accounted for using the equity method, specifies the group.

IAEA supports 13 Sahel countries to improve their understanding of the groundwater resources in five shared aquifer systems and promotes the integrated management of shared groundwater resources in…

Reliable access to clean water for drinking, agriculture and sanitation is one of the biggest challenges faced by the 135 million people who live in Africa’s semi-arid Sahel region. Thirteen countries tap into the groundwater of five aquifers systems that cross national borders in the region: the Iullemeden Aquifer System, the Liptako-Gourma-Upper Volta System, the Senegalo-Mauritanian Basin, the Chad Basin and the Taoudeni Basin.

Sustainability Still a Priority for Aviation Industry

While aviation has been credited with furthering connection across the globe by permitting the fast transportation of people and goods, it also has an environmental impact that could lead to trouble if overlooked. Globally, the aviation industry was responsible for only 2 percent of all human-induced CO2 emissions, releasing 915 million tons of CO2 during 2019. “Passenger air travel is producing the highest and fastest growth of individual emissions,”

Jewellery designers can win £5,000 in new Monica Vinader sustainable jewellery competition

Jewellery brand Monica Vinader is asking designers and makers to enter its ‘New from Old’ competition, raising awareness of the importance of sustainable practices within the industry.  The sustainable jewellery competition asks entrants to create jewellery from recycled materials.  The winning collection will be featured on the brand’s website, and the designer will win a £5,000 prize.

E-shopping addiction lays waste to green packaging drive in China, Economy News & Top Stories

If you worry about all the waste generated by the annual rush of holiday shopping and gift giving, it is nothing compared with the mountains of discarded packaging that comes from a single event in China.  On Nov 11 each year, the world’s biggest consumer market goes into overdrive as e-commerce giants like Alibaba Group Holding and lure shoppers with huge bargains during the Singles’ Day sale.
On Nov 11 each year, the world’s biggest consumer market goes into overdrive as e-commerce giants like Alibaba Group Holding and lure shoppers with huge bargains during the Singles’ Day sale.

Thousands of ocean fishing boats could be using forced labor – we used AI and satellite data to find them

Fishing on the high seas is a bit of a mystery, economically speaking. These areas of open ocean beyond the territorial jurisdiction of any nation are generally considered high-effort, low-payoff fishing grounds, yet fishers continue to work in them anyway.  I am an environmental data scientist who leverages data and analytical techniques to answer critical questions about natural resource management.

Chubb Names Alexandra Waldman Climate Sustainability Manager

Chubb today announced that Alexandra Waldman has been appointed Climate Sustainability Manager. Formerly the company’s Senior Environmental Program Manager, Ms. Waldman in her newly created global role will help to identify and implement opportunities for climate-related products and services, encourage employee engagement in climate sustainability issues and establish an objective, metric-driven framework against which to measure progress of the company’s sustainability initiatives. 

Sustainable D328eco Aims To Lead Turboprop Renaissance | Air Transport News

The economic shockwaves from the Covid-19 pandemic have prompted airlines to consider the prospect of operating turboprop aircraft through new eyes. Deutsche Aircraft maintains that an urgent need for carriers to recalibrate yield calculations as traffic levels slowly recover provides a strong springboard for its plans to step up the development of an updated version of the Dornier 328 regional turboprop.

3 Steps to Becoming a More Sustainable Business

Depending on your business focus, sustainability may not be at the core of your mission, but it should be a key part of your business strategy.  For me, it’s a natural fit. You see, my business is clean energy. I’m also passionate about leadership and educating people about the importance of climate change and the environment. But the environment is just one aspect of sustainability. 
For me, it’s a natural fit. You see, my business is clean energy. I’m also passionate about leadership and educating people about the importance of climate change and the environment. But the environment is just one aspect of sustainability. 

Finding Wedding Inspirations & Revealing Trends: Diversity & sustainability

Around 95% of couples initially planning to wed this year have postponed their big day to next year, but rather than allowing disappointment to take over, they are utilizing the extra time to plan their event in detail. From rethinking sites for photographs to planning wedding favors, wedding playlists, and reception meals and entertainment, carefully planned aspects promise to make next year’s weddings bigger, more beautiful, and certainly more Instagrammable than in past years.

Join the LDE Centre for Sustainability Lab on Circular Textiles in February 2021 | Centre for Sustainability

Together with Fashion for Good we managed to a collect a selection of challenging graduation assignments. We are looking for graduating master level students, who are working on or looking for a thesis assignment related to Circular Textiles AND want to join an interdisciplinary and extra-curricular program together with other students from the LDE universities between February – July 2021.

Spanish startup Sepiia interweaves sustainability and ecommerce

Not all founders are cut from the same cloth. Federico Sainz de Robles was working in a textile laboratory when he wondered why clothing brands hadn’t evolved with the times. He decided that if nobody else was making attractive, practical, and sustainable clothing, then he would. So he founded Sepiia, a Spanish clothing startup that operates at the intersection of fashion, technology, and ecology. Instead of creating cheap resource-heavy fast-fashion items, Sepiia focuses on high-quality, durable items.

‘Choose Love’ Shop-ifies Humanitarian Aid

The Choose Love online store sells much-needed products that consumers can purchase for refugees and displaced people. These include items for day-to-day survival, for emergency situations, and for building their futures. The site breaks the Choose Love shopping journey down into three stages: “Browse our store,” “Choose real products,” and “Leave with nothing.”