How sustainable lighting leads to a low carbon future

Energy-efficient lighting is fast and cost-effective way to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

LED lighting uses less power for a given application compared to traditional halogen and fluorescent light sources with a like for like lumen output.

Therefore, the overall kW/hr consumption per year is less, this helps reduce the overall CO2 emissions and help support your low carbon objectives and targets.

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Making Prysmian Group more sustainable with a new “green” policy for corporate cars | Prysmian Group

Starting from January 2021, all Prysmian Group’s new company cars in Italy will be exclusively plug-in hybrid models, full electric or LPG, reducing the C02 emissions of our fleet as part of our goal to become carbon neutral. The programme will be rolled out to all regions where the Group operates.  The “green” corporate car policy is one of the actions Prysmian Group is taking to meet its 2022 sustainability goals: to cut its own CO2 emissions by 2-3%; to recycle as much as two thirds of its own waste; and to reuse 27% of its own drums. Starting in 2020 for the next three years, Prysmian will invest around €450 million to further improve the sustainability of its organization and supply chain, and to accelerate the development of advanced cable technologies as well as assets and services.

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