INNOCEAN to win two prizes at the worlds’ top 3 design award, ‘Red Dot 2021’

, INNOCEAN to win two prizes at the worlds’ top 3 design award, ‘Red Dot 2021’,
INNOCEAN Worldwide announced that it won two prizes, including the grand prize and the main prize, at the famous German design award ‘Red Dot Design Award 2021.’ Red Dot is one of the top 3 design award with the U.S. IDEA and Germany’s iF Design Awards, and it annually selects innovative and creative products and works in various fields such as product design and brand & communication.

Hyundai Motor Group’s ‘Little Big E-Motion’ won the grand prize in the film & animation category. Hanwha Group’s ‘Clean up Mekong’ also won the main prize in the spatial communication category. Little Big Emotion is a video content project that shows kid mobility applied with emotion-aware vehicle control technology that enables the communication between cars and passengers is used in the actual treatment.

Children patients in the hospital usually feel the short distance from ward to doctor’s office as the most frightening and scary long journey, and it has received good reviews for reducing this stress of children patient with emotion-aware vehicles Little Big Emotion also won the second grand prize at the New York Festival, one of the world’s top 3 advertising festivals, this year.

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