Used Cooking Oil Recycling For UK Businesses

, Used Cooking Oil Recycling For UK Businesses,

While you can make biodiesel from many different crops, this places a burden on land needed to grow food and could contribute to deforestation and threaten biodiversity.

Creating biodiesel from something that would otherwise go to waste, makes it one of the greenest possible alternatives to fossil fuels. Used cooking oils (UCO) and fats are the ideal feedstock to refine into biodiesel. And, because they cannot be recycled into either the human or the animal food supply chains, due to the food safety risks they pose, this is by far the most sustainable way to dispose of them.

We are the UK’s leading refiner of used cooking oil and we use it to create biodiesel of the very highest standard. Our biodiesel is ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) compliant and exceeds the EN14214 EU specification required for it to be used as the proportion legally required to be blended into diesel fuel sold in the garage forecourts of UK and EU countries.

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